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Okay, so you’ve got an ebook, or a piece of software, or a service to sell. What do you charge for it? The answer has nothing to do with how much time or money it took you to create the product. It doesn’t matter if you spent thousands developing it, or if you knocked it [...]

There are still a couple of days left to go as I write this, but I figured I’d go ahead with this update. In November, the niche site I’d put up over the summer and then completely neglected made a bit over $11, up from $1.63 in October and $.12 in September. In December, the [...]

The clock is ticking down on my January contest. For anyone who started reading the blog late, and didn’t catch the announcement, you can read the original contest post here. The short version, though, is that by posting a comment on the original contest post and by being one of the top commentators at the [...]

Whenever I hear that Perry Marshall (of the Definitive Guide To Adwords fame) is running a coaching workshop, I always start to dream just a bit. Perry’s workshops have a reputation for helping people to take their PPC efforts to the next level, greatly increasing their profits. Both by reducing their cost per click, and [...]

I promised a review of the co-op advertising program that was mentioned in the Big Dog Heavy Hitters free report, so here are some initial results. The basic idea behind the co-op is that you contribute to the advertising costs, along with any other members who want to participate in a particular advertising effort, and [...]

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