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Link exchanges have been part of the SEO toolkit for some time now. In general, link exchanges don’t work they way most people do them. Search engines aren’t crazy about reciprocal site wide links, so putting another blog on your blogroll in exchange for them putting you on their blogroll isn’t going to do either [...]

Site Build It! Day 6

I’m not finished creating content for my Site Build It! powered niche site yet, but have done enough to be able to comment on the tools. The core of day 6 is the Site Builder tool. This is what allows anyone to create a professional website even if they know nothing about HTML. Site Builder, [...]

A Better WordPress Ping Plugin

One of my gripes with WordPress’ built in pinging functionality has been that it pings at the wrong times. If I’m scheduling a post to be published later, it pings when I click Publish, not when the post is actually published. It also pings when I edit a post, not just when I publish. There’s [...]

Update: Thanks to mis-scheduled posting, this didn’t actually appear on the day after Thanksgiving…sorry about that, but for the sake of the post, pretend it is, and enjoy the weekend all over again. It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the United States, and it’s traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. It’s also [...]

I’ve been playing around with creating a community toolbar. I initially started looking into this in order to put together a toolbar that had exactly the feeds and links I used on a daily basis. Then I realized that the capabilities of a community toolbar were much greater than I’d imagined. Members of the community [...]

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