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Blog Rush Updated

The long awaited Blog Rush update is here. In the past couple of weeks, Blog Rush went through every blog that had joined and approved (or disapproved) each manually. A large number of blogs were removed from the network for various reasons. The goal was to get rid of spam blogs, but a number of [...]

MBPA Fire Sale

The folks over at MPBAdvertising have apparently been sued for sending emails to a safelist subscriber. The subscriber himself never complained, but the company that owns the domain name his email was going through is the one behind the lawsuit. This is a nice gray area of the law, and a precedent will be established [...]

The Latest At Yuwie

Yuwie has added a new feature, called Shop. It’s basically a tab where you can buy items online from, Walmart, and others. Yuwie gets a commission when you shop through those links, and those commissions add to the amount paid per 1,000 page views for the month. This added feature shows that the Yuwie [...]

Page Rank Updated

Well, the long awaited Page Rank update seems to have happened, or be in the process of happening. I’ve said before that Page Rank isn’t all that important. It’s a visible way of measuring inbound links to your website, and so has been used by advertisers to help set advertising costs for sites. But it’s [...]

A Blogging Roundup

It’s been far too long since I gave my RSS reader any attention, and through it the blogs I’m subscribed to. Here are the highlights: Andrew Whee has a post about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service, a way to hire people to do tasks. Andrew suggests article submission as a possible use, but with sites like [...]

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