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DealDotCom Update

DealDotCom has been live long enough now to start getting an idea of what it’ll be like. Frankly, I’ve been disappointed. The initial offering was EasyMemberPro, software for running a membership site. The pricing was at about half off the price on the sales website, around $150. Half off sounds great, but that was half [...]

Bravisa Update

The kind folks over at Bravisa emailed me to let me know that I’d left something out of my review. In my comparison between Zlio and Bravisa, I hadn’t realized that they work from slightly different models. Zlio works off the salesperson model, where you get a commission for every item sold from your store. [...]

Bravisa Review

Bravisa is a site that allows you to start an online store for free. It’s tempting to compare the site to Zlio, since they both have the same overall goal: to let you make money opening your own shop. I never have been able to resist temptation, so I’ll do this review as a comparison [...]

I won’t keep you in suspense, the answer is “Yes”. A site called will pay you 25 cents for every ad you place in the following categories: * Free Stuff * Stuff for Sale * Real estate (non-commercial ads only) * Rentals (non-commercial ads only) * Vehicles (non-commercial ads only) On the other hand, [...]

The September contest is approaching its end. To enter, be listed in the top commentators’ list by the end of September 30th. The winner gets a discount on two years of top quality web hosting through Site5. Or, if they don’t need web hosting, we’ll work something else out that they’ll like. The bottom of [...]

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