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There are a number of “paid to search” sites out there. I’ve tried a few, and have never made anything at all. A few months ago one of the ones I tried was Zot Spot. I think I made two or three searches using it, couldn’t see in the “my account” area how that contributed [...]

Regular readers will remember the Power of a Dollar, the program that started out as an MLM traffic exchange, and changed a few times before finally becoming what it is today. What it is is a traffic exchange that gets people to read your site. I’ve talked about how it works before, but for the [...] Review is a ClickBank ad program. The basic idea is that you can embed ads on your website that link to ClickBank products. The advantage to this rather than Adsense is that your commission on ClickBank products is usually quite high. The disadvantage is that you don’t get paid for clicks, only for sales. [...]

Top Commentators List Fixed

For months now, the top commentators list has shown Betshopboy‘s entry together with someone else’s, with no link and no separator. The problem was that some of his comments had a URL attached, and some didn’t, and that apparently confused the plugin. Since he recently got his own domain, I went through the database and [...]

A Stroll Through Other Blogs

With the semester just starting, I’m keeping pretty busy teaching my classes and getting into the swing of being back at work. But I found some time today to spend with my much neglected RSS reader (currently at about 80+ subscriptions), and thought I’d share some of the posts I ran across that caught my [...]

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