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Ways to Keep Blogging

When I talked about picking a blogging niche, one of the tips was to write an article a day about your niche before you even started your blog. This was to make sure you were interested enough in the topic to sustain daily articles. Fast forward, your blog is now three or four months old. [...]

A funny observation on ranking for unexpected keywords. Thanks to my post recently about keywords used to find this blog, I now rank #1 for many of those keywords just on the strength of a single occurrence of each in that post. The chances are good nobody will ever search using those keywords again, but [...]

Getting paid to shop online probably sounds like major scam bait. After all, how could someone afford to pay you to spend money? This is actually pretty common. The basic setup is that someone creates a website where you can click on links to various online retailers. The owner of the website is signed up [...]

The Power of a Dollar site was down late last week, due to exceeding their bandwidth. It’s back up now, with a modified plan in place. They’ve taken the concerns some members have had about the problems of filling up lower levels of the matrix (I posted my analysis on their forum) and adjusted their [...]

Squidoo Case Study

One of the reasons I love Squidoo is the ease with which you can put together a nice landing page. The modules they have allow you to add Amazon links, pull from RSS feeds, and many other cool features. I’ve been using Squidoo to test out the use of landing pages linking directly to affiliate [...]

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