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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that Google didn’t change their algorithm just to knock John Chow off the first page for “make money online”. But the title is less dry than “Examining Google’s New Algorithm”. I thought newcomers to search engine optimization might appreciate a discussion of what might have been adjusted in [...]

If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you may not have heard the term “FFA page” before. It stands for Free For All page, and is a way to advertise a link of your absolutely free. The basic idea is that you go to an FFA page and you’ll see some number of advertising links (often [...]

I was doing a Google search on “make money online” today, as part of research for this blog (you never know what you’ll find through search engines), and was surprised to see that was not in the top 2. Paging down, I finally found John’s site on page 4. Considering the success of John’s [...]

When talking about contests in the comments in this post at Jane May Blogs, Jane pointed out that a contest predicting the page rank of Online Opportunity was a long term affair (we wouldn’t know who won until August or September), and that every contest needed a cool prize. I’ve taken her advice to heart, [...]

Recent Site Updates

Just a quick post to highlight some recent updates to the site: Quoter Plugin I’m now using the Quoter plugin on the blog, which allows you to quote from other comments, or even to select and quote from text in the post itself. It works great, and is the next best thing to threaded comments [...]

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