When talking about contests in the comments in this post at Jane May Blogs, Jane pointed out that a contest predicting the page rank of Online Opportunity was a long term affair (we wouldn’t know who won until August or September), and that every contest needed a cool prize.

I’ve taken her advice to heart, and am now discontinuing the predict my page rank contest. To be fair to Ronaldo, the one entrant, here’s a link to his blog which contains a variety of topics, including how to make money online as a prize just for entering the predict my page rank contest.

The Review My Blog contest has a deadline of June 16th. A review must be posted on or before June 16th to qualify. The grand prize is $100, and all entrants get a backlink with anchor text of their choice.

The review must link to the top level of the blog with the anchor text “make money online”, and to this post detailing the rules. Here’s an example of appropriate linkage.

Online Opportunity is a blog about how to make money online. Right now Jay’s holding a contest for the best review. To enter to win $100 see the rules here.

Reviews may be of any length and may be positive or negative. The absolute minimum is a couple of sentences with appropriate linkage.

Reviews will be judged subjectively, on categories such as the depth of the review, how insightful it is, how helpful the comments are, how entertaining it is, if it made me spit out my drink laughing, etc. Basically, which one I like the best (negative reviews can certainly qualify on all counts). The winner gets $100 via PayPal (alternate arrangements can be made, too, if you don’t do PayPal).

And since I’m stealing paying homage to Randall Cornett’s contest of the same type, if I end up winning Randall’s contest that prize money will be added to the prize money for this contest, making it a cool $200.

To enter, write a review with appropriate linkage on your blog, and then post a comment here with a link to the review and the anchor text you’d like for your link back.

Good luck to everyone!

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