Cman writes a blog about making money online, Cman’s Money Page – Profitable Productive Blogging.

Taking a look at the archives for the blog, it looks like Cman got off to a slow start, but has really warmed up to his topic and is posting more often now. Cman’s a supporter of some of the same free money sites I recommend as part of Marketing Pond. A classic case of great minds thinking alike!

Cman’s site is monetized in a variety of ways, and many of his posts talk about Adsense, Bidvertiser, AdBrite, and more. In addition, he’s gone the extra step and created a Google Group for people interested in making money online to discuss how they’re doing and share tips.

Cman also has a newsletter in addition to the blog. This is something I’ve struggled with personally, the relation of a newsletter to a blog. Cman and Jane May both have newsletters, but for me my blog is my newsletter. I know that’s dead wrong in Internet Marketing terms, but there you have it.

So head on over to Cman’s Money Page and signup for his newsletter!

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