The second entrant into the $100 Review Online Opportunity Contest is Tyson, who writes Some Make Money.

While Tyson doesn’t actually make fun of my logo, he offers a fun alternative to my more traditional logo. Some Make Money covers a variety of topics, including blogging tips, web tools, and what Tyson calls “observations”. Observations seems to be a grab bag of miscellaneous topics, so be sure to take a look to see what’s there. Anyone starting up a blog should pay close attention to his most recent post about how his review of Online Opportunity was plagiarized by a spam blog. It can happen to anyone, and probably will.

While Some Make Money is a new blog with relatively few posts, it looks like it’ll continue to be interesting. I’ve subscribed to catch all the future posts as they come.

If you’re interested in entering the $100 Review Online Opportunity contest, see the original post for the rules.

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